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Omaha Nebraska Based Computer Repair

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Breathe new life into your old laptop or desktop computer today! Linux speeds old computers, is immune to windows viruses, malware, and spyware, and is far more powerful and customizable than a computer running windows. Security is better on Linux, and keeping your software up to date is easier than windows.

We can also remotely repair windows computers online. If we cannot fix the problem, there is NO charge. Contact me at 402-305-2434

Omahapc is partnered with QSTel Communications providing outstanding voice over internet solutions for your business. With QSTel Communications, you can slash your business phone bills from 50% to 75% over a traditional analog phone system. Features that typically cost thousands of dollars such as CDR call data reports, and call recording are included with the system at no extra charge.

If you have a laptop with a damaged screen or have spilled liquid into the machine, it is cheaper for you to purchase a new laptop. Sorry! We get this question quite often and want to save you some time. There may be other shops that specialize in this area, but we are primarily a software repair center.

Microsoft Windows is not the only option when it comes to the computer that you own and purchased. In fact, in a lot of cases, Microsoft is the wrong choice. A Linux Mint install can absolutely solve all the common computer problems you are familiar with and experiencing once and for all. Linux Mint has matured to the point of making Microsoft and all of its many problems irrelevant. Linux has been in the making for 20 years. It is not a toy. It is real and healthy competetion that you need to keep computing free for future generations, as well as today. A few days of using Linux Mint, and you will wonder why you ever put up with Windows. Linux absolutely solves all problems that most people are experiencing, such as viruses, malware, pop ups, and just general computer security over Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft failure of the day, click here. Problems like these show the absolute atrocity that is the windows operating system. Security is very poor on these systems. Save yourself lots of money, time, and aggravation by switching to Linux. No operating system is invulnerable, or perfect, but Linux can save adults a lot of headache who just wish to have a working computer without the constant problems that surround Microsoft proprietary software.

These problems most likely far exceed what the common computer user is aware of. Such as backdoors built into Windows itself.

Speaking of Microsoft Malware, check out "Red October"

This malware appears to be state sponsored, and is extremely sophisticated. This attack has been running unchecked since 2007. That is FIVE YEARS of hacking attacks running undetected. It has such a number of ways that it hacks Microsoft computers, you really have to watch the video to even begin to grasp how advanced it is. Chinese hackers, and Russians look to be involved in this. It targets the monolith Microsoft Excel 2009, Word, and also Java 6 and Java 7, and it has been doing so for the last 5 years. It was specifically targeting diplomatic embassies and highly focused on Africa and Eastern Europe.

There really has not been a better time to not use Microsoft products. They are inherently insecure. Cyber warefare and such will only be on the increase in the future.

Web Design

Purchase our high quality web design services, Linux install packages and more.

Linux Installations

Worried about current and future versions of Microsoft Windows making it impossible to use a pirated (illegal) version? Lift the burden of $200 operating systems (ie; Windows) from your budget, and discover trouble free computing with Linux. If you want a workstation to get your work done, Linux can do that and much more. With Linux, you will not waste your time with constant maintenance, reboots, and virus problems as with a Microsoft windows computer. It is easy to use, and will make your computer a pleasure to use in comparison to Windows.

Linux is open source software which is free to the entire world to use. It is superior in many ways to windows, in terms of security, cost, user support, and end user experience. With Linux, you have many thousands of open source software packages you can install and use for Free. We can help you with this transition to better software.

Linux Mint

End the constant, ridiculous, windows problems.

Disaster Recovery

I've said it once, I'll say it again, Computers will fail when you least expect it. Today, almost everyone has a digital camera with hundreds, if not thousands of family photos that would be a tragedy to lose. Even digital home movies, music collections, and personal documents are at risk to the home user who does not back up files on a REGULAR basis. My own personal computer business, Omaha PC Repair has seen a big jump in the number of users who are in danger of losing their data due to harddrive failure, viruses, or other hardware failures, and sometimes, simple user error. I always encourage my customers to EXPECT these types of situations, because they will happen. If you have not made a backup of your files in the last month, (length of time depends on how much you use your computer) you should do so immediately. Better yet, Schedule to do this every daily or weekly. Backing up means burning those files onto a dvd, or cd, or copying to another hardrive or usb flash drive. I recommend usb flash drives as a first choice, because they are very small devices that can hold large amounts of data, up to 64 gigabytes at the time of this writing, and I expect that to increase by leaps and bounds just as traditional hard drives have. With 2.0 usb transfer speeds, backing up takes no time at all these days. So, do yourself a favor, and back those files up regularly!


    Install Linux Mint
    Dual Boot with Windows
    Hardware / Software Installation
    Data Backup, transfer and recovery

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Our clients are people just like you in the Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding areas who need fast, competent work on their personal computers. Hardware replacements are guaranteed by a one year warranty + free installation if they fail. You can rest at ease knowing your computer will be in the hands of a professional.Our Service is impeccable!


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    • The repairs they did for us was absolutely fantastic. Fast service.
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    • "A new machine was built on the spot .."
    • A new machine was built on the spot for my business as an emergency in 2 hrs, without spending a mint! Shane saves my company money. - Steskal Chiropractic
    • by Chad Steskal -
    • "strives to make the customer happy"
    • Shane cares about his work and strives to make the customer happy.
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