firewalls and keyloggers

Internet users are extremely vulnerable to hackers, especially if you have cable or ADSL access to the Internet. You definitely need to protect your computer system. I recommend using a program called Zone Alarm if you are using windows. Once you install a software firewall, you'll be amazed at how many attempts to access your computer are blocked by your firewall. Hackers can directly access your computer system by installing programs such as a key logger that can read every keystroke you make. This information is recorded and sent back to the hacker. Private information such as passwords and credit card numbers can easily be stolen. A key logger is a small software program that quietly runs in the background. As these programs quite often run in DOS, you will most likely never realize it's running

posted on August 22, 2010

what the heck is linux?

Linux is a little known secret among the general public. It is an operating system for your computer instead of Windows. Take a sunday drive through the beauty of the free and open source operating system, Linux, with the video above if you are unfamiliar.

Why Linux is better than windows

    Linux is immune to windows viruses, spyware, malware, etc
    Linux is extremely stable - Linux computers can run for years with a reboot or crash
    Linux is free
    A Linux Desktop is highly configurable and elegant
    Linux has support available through us and on the internet
    Forget about software drivers with linux - it just works
    Software updates with one click
    Download new software in a one safe location
    Linux is fast and does not slow down after time as with windows
    No hidden backdoors in Linux software
    No need to reboot your computer constantly
    Linux gives old computers new life as they will run faster than with windows
    Excellent music and media player software available with Linux
    And these are just generalities. Your Linux computer can do millions of tasks, even ones we have not thought of yet!
    posted on 09/01/11

Many Unaware that Computer Security Matters

In this article published by Rueters, Most [Microsoft] computer users believe they are safe from online threats even as their machines fall victim to viruses and spyware. Four out of five had spyware or adware programs running on their computer and nearly two-thirds said they had been infected by a virus.
Though 85 percent had anti-virus software on their computers, most had not updated that software in the past week -- a necessary step to guard against viruses that can spread across the globe in a matter of days.

Two-thirds didn't have a firewall to protect against hackers, and 38 percent of wireless network users did not encrypt their networks.
Most users also had little awareness of "adware" programs that deliver pop-up ads based on the Web sites visited. Most infected with adware did not know they had such programs on their computers and did not know how to get rid of them.

posted on 24/12/09


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